Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Humility is like Underwear

...necessary, but indecent when shown.

Sigh. That's what a local church sign informed us as we drove by a little while ago. Somehow, though I suppose the sentiment isn't exactly fallacious, it comes off wrong. Eew.


  1. I wouldn't think that humility shown is so much indecent, as not humility.

    God Bless.

  2. Erm... I don't think I'd go to that church. I'm sure they meant that well, but it just seems so odd. And if I did go there, there's no promising I wouldn't... oh never mind... Some times it's really good to type something out after you think it, read it and realise that there's no way you could make it sound good...>.<
    How are you? >points to shiny new subject<

  3. This is actually a misquote. The actually quote read something closer to, "Humility is like underwear, it is essential but should never be seen." The quote has been attributed to Hellen Nielson but Fulton Sheen is believed to have used it in a broadcast prior to her publication. Propter quid is correct-the intended implication is that humility shown is no longer humility just as underwear seen or worn on the outside is no longer under-wear.