Sunday, January 07, 2007

Feast of Epiphany [celebrated]

I'll pass on that, though, because we celebrated it in my house yesterday--on the feast itself.

I spent several hours with my brother, my laptop, and three guitars the other night. We sat up till all hours searching for tab on the internet, which we proceeded to play with gusto. He's really good, and I stink, so it evened out. I now know the words to the entire chorus of Sweet Home Alabama! Go me.

So, I go back to school Thursday. I have Poetry and Poetics, Shakespeare, Social Teachings of the Church, Theology of Worship and its Music, Modern Philosophy, and Apologetics to look forward to. I have a proctorship at a house dorm, which means time 'away from campus' will be somewhat more plentiful, and I think I have a job as well. Yay!

My job here in town wound down (again) last night, with a staff dinner at the Italian place we like. Fun stuff--I was made to demonstrate the way I count on my fingers, soundly made fun of, and that was that. The trick is, of course, that I know more about the entire student body than almost anyone else in that place. They'd better be nice to me, or the mailers will never get sent out. ;-) I won't come back in the summer unless they're going to treat me right.

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  1. Ya gotta stand up for these things. Counting on your fingers is an important skill and you have to do it the way that makes sense to you. Personally, my thumb is number one and I go on from there. If I'm feeling really insane I'll start with the pinky of my left hand and go left to right. :)