Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Divide and Concord

The man next to me on the metro today had a big bunch of flowers in his hand, a nervous look on his face, and kept dialing the same phone number over and over. No answer. I hope she forgives him.

It appears that we have a mere month left here in Italy. Where does the time go? Sunk into classes, tests, tours, sleep, and train trips, I suppose. Speaking of, I need to get a train ticket. I also need to study for a quiz on a Ratzinger article (yay!! intellectual/theological works that are actually accessible to the average mind), and study for a history/english/theology/classics exam. Whadda class...four subjects in one. Oh, and also an acting class. Monday was "act out a scene from this book that Thomas Bowdler thought racy enough to merit expurgating" day.

We the story of the rape of Semele, but we did it politically-correct style. I didn't think it was that funny, really, but the class sure did. If I feel like embarassing myself to death, I might post the text next week.


  1. I thought it was funny. Isn't that enough?

    Hey, awkward was making the story of Tereus, Philomel, and Procne humourous. Hello, laughing at a rape and cannablism. Can it get any more disturbing.

  2. It could. We could refer to interrspecies affairs as 'cooperative physical fitness.'

    Too bad I can't post the video on here. Speaking of...

  3. Please, please, post the text. I want to show it to . . . lemme think . . has anyone I know read Ovid? I want it for personal satisfaction, then. But please post it.