Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another one rides the bus.

The discussion before theology class this afternoon devolved into a discussion of how to beat the system when riding (or attempting to ride) a train in Italy. It occurred to me that a great deal of savvy-gathering ought to be done by any traveler to Europe, before leaving western hemispherical soil. Learning on your own may make the lessons stick harder, but the wear and tear on your nervous system is most likely not worth it.

Expect the train twenty minutes either side of the scheduled arrival time, but rarely (if ever) when the board actually says.

Don't expect it to be at the designated platform when it does arrive. It's probably over...there... someplace.

Don't bother asking if you are allowed to sleep in a train station, because they will kick you out. Just do it without asking.

Avoid sleeping in train stations at all costs.

Don't trust someone who speaks really good English. They're trying to scam you.

Don't trust someone who speaks really poor English. They're trying to scam you.

And so on...the list will be added to many times, I'm sure. After all, I've yet to go anyplace myself, as yet. I should work on that. Maybe go to Rome this coming fall....spend a week in the British isles on the way. Oh, yes. Very good stuff.


  1. hmmm... very interesting stuff, haha. I'll try to keep all this in mind if I ever make a sojourn in Rome.

  2. OOOHH BIGGY!!! If, while in Rome, you get one of those multiple day bus/trolley passes make sure you have it with you every time you ride a bus or trolley. Every so often certain gentlemen in trench coats ask to see the passengers tickets, and if you don't have one you will be forced to leave the vehicle. I have seen this happen.

    Also, if you're traveling on a bus at rush hour and you still have room to breathe, expect at least 10 more people to crowd on to that bus. You will most likely have to push or shove to get off. Remember! Use of elbows is allowed. :-)

  3. Eh. I learned some great stuff in Rome. Sleeping in airports by your lonesome can be rather fun in an entertaining way. And the midnight bus rides too. *recalls with great fondness all the wonderful moments of European mass transit*

    Speaking of which, the metros of Budapest, Hungary are not to be missed. Especially the escalators. Those were fun. Literally.