Sunday, December 04, 2005


We're going off the air for a couple weeks, folks, as finals approach and broadcasting takes a back seat to study. Well, further back than it already sits.

Comments are still welcome, and the odd manic post may appear as stress levels rise. Keep us all in your prayers until the 16th!



  1. Have fun with finals folks. Just know that those of us on the west coast are staring down the muzzle of that gun as well. The frantic writing, reading, completing of required class projects all begins this week. Next week are the actual finals. Saints preserve us and pass me that textbook!!!

  2. Good luck with your finals. Don't forget to visit the center of the universe when you can. He's the best help you can get and His house is the best studying atmosphere!

    Please tell Donna in Maryland to keep her chin up and go to the Christmas formal with no expectations. Just have fun with her girl friends!!

  3. The center of the universe is practically having to tell people to make appointments--we're all over there, all the time!

    It was so great this snowed about four inches last night, and when I opened up the blind, I could just sit in bed and look across the trees at His House, all covered in snow and so pure and beautiful.

    I'm thinking about liking winter after all.

  4. There's nothing prettier than snow on a chapel. Unfortunately it all melted over here before Sunday Mass so we didn't get to see what our church looked like in the snow.

    On a side note. I'm singing in my first ever concert tonight. Pray that no one trips or falls off the risers tonight!!

  5. *cough* But you really ought to keep blogging through finals.. I mean, you gotta fulfill your purpose on this earth.. and we all know that your purpose on this earth was to distract upperclassmen from their one remaining final..

  6. Okay, fine. I'll continue to blog through finals.

  7. When is the last day of finals for all y'all? We've been done for quite some time now.. *rubs in that minor little fact*