Monday, January 30, 2012


Welp, I’ve got a bazillion [Microsoft says bazillion is a real word] things I should be doing right now but I don’t want to do those things.  Besides, one of the bazillion was shifting the pictures from my phone, which I ought to do monthly but actually do quarterly.  And I did that one thing!  And now I can put pictures of my little boy on the blog!

Because he’s so cute.  These are mostly self-explanatory…it’s called Being Two Years Old And Your Mom Has A Smartphone.




IMAG0040(kissing a relic of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton)





(this is not my son.  this is the iris.  it’s STILL blooming.)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

10 Things That Aren’t A List At All

There aren’t even ten of them.  So there.

My child has eaten a dozen mini blueberry muffins this morning.  No, wait.  He’s eaten…14 mini blueberry muffins this morning.  I’m trying to use the food in the pantry before I have to admit to myself that I’ve had it a whole year  and it’s still just sitting there.  So we had muffins for breakfast, and he ate…15 of them.

Yesterday I caught him climbing his bookshelf, which caused a huge altercation and day-long ordeal of sadness for a little boy who had ALL the toys and books and animals taken from his room.  He took a really long nap.  This morning, I caught him doing it again and figured out the motivation—he was after the DVDs on the top shelf.  So.  DVDs don’t live in there any more.  Problem solved.  If only I could get as clear a picture on motive every time he does something insane.  There might be fewer epic sadness days.

It looks like it could snow any minute out there—overcast and dreary.  You want to make hot chocolate, or get out a blanket, or something.  Except when you open a door or window you discover that it’s 68 degrees and pleasant-feeling.  Help.

Went birthday shopping this morning in the discount section of Amazon.  The algorithm isn’t always flawless, however, and sometimes it’ll give you something that’s basically the opposite of discounted.  No need for coffee now!  I’m revved!  I’m ready!  My heart is MOVIN’, man!!

I’m down to one small paper (due Feb 26th, I think I’ll be fine) and one large paper (due Feb 26th), then I’m done with these two classes.  The paper I wrote yesterday is good, but I wish I had realized just how good it was going to be.  I would have used the topic for the large paper due next month, instead of having to trim and skip in order to keep to 10 pages for the current assignment.  Oh well.  It’s a good topic.  One of the better ones I’ve chosen.  One of the few I’ve chosen and not had to go, after researching for a while, “Well crap, I’m totally wrong in my premise.  Now what?”

I have simultaneous desires for both a new car and an “office” space for myself.  The car will come, one day, because we’re just going to need a second car.  One was nice, but someday we might actually move to a real town or city and I’ll need to go places.  So we research slowly, and put off decisions, and hopefully a car will wander away from home and end up on my back porch, and I’ll look for a collar and it won’t have one, and we’ll put up signs but the owners never come, and then I’ll just keep the car and call it my own. 

And the office…well, that’s just silly all around.  Because the whole thing stems from this big, white, overstuffed Giant Chair that I saw, that I would want in my office so I could use it for reading.  And of course there would be a picture window, and an oversized desk, and shelves that match, and classily organized bins, and themed wall decorations of an artistic and academic bent.  What kind of a retarded idea is that?  White?

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Yea, Though Epic Fail Followeth Me Wheresoever I Go

Yet I keep the blog and act like I’m a blogger by reading everyone else’s work.  Oh well.  I’m alive!  I’m supposed to be reading this entire book about Leyte Gulf by this afternoon…but I’m not.  I’m putting up a link to my article at IGNITUMTODAY.

And also posting a picture.  Who doesn’t like pictures?